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        全自動高檔染色機設備 多功能染紙機 單面雙面染紙機

        automatic dyeing paper making machine


        Part one: The basic technical parameter

        1、型號:1092型 染色機

        Item:1092momodel dyeing machine


        Paper weight:40-150g/m


        Jumbo roll paper width:1092mm


        Dyeing way:dyeing and wrinkling(dyeing groove is stainless steel material)


        1. 紙張起縐染色機是一種新穎實用、工藝先進的機械染色紙

        2. 整個生產線包括:紙夾、染色段、干燥段、卷紙段、底板、電器部分


        4. 整機設計結構簡單,安裝操作方便,節能、低功耗,產品質量穩定

        5. 先進的彩色宣傳紙、對聯紙及各種民間生產技術設備


        1. paper creping dyeing machine is a novel and practical mechanical dyed paper with advanced technology

        2. The whole complete production line includes:paper holder,dyeing section,dryer section,reeling paper section,base plate,electrical part

        3. Machine function of this machine is to realize paper creping and dyeing

        4. Machine design equips with simple structure,easy to install and operate,energy-saving,low power consumption stable product quality

        5. Pioneering technical equipment for the production of colored propaganda paper,couplet paper and various folk

        第二部分:企業簡介 Part two: Company profile國瑞造紙機械設備有限公司專業生產造紙機械和制漿設備,主要產品包括:各種型號高速衛生紙、餐巾紙造紙機、文化紙造紙機、工業包裝紙造紙機、中高速迷信紙造紙機以及特種紙造紙機等。在過去的40多年的生產、銷售過程中,我們擁有了一批精良的技術團隊,形成了完善的售前服務、售后技術支持和產品質量嚴格把控的經營管理體系。產品暢銷全國18個省,遠銷越南、蒙古、巴西、烏茲別克斯坦、西非、南非等10多個國家與地區。如果您有任何問題,請隨時聯系我們,期待與您的合作!Guo Rui Paper Making Machinery Co., Ltd is specialized in the paper making machines and pulp making equipments. The main items as below: high speed Toilet paper machine, Napkin paper machine, Culture paper machine, Industrial packaging paper machine, Yellow paper machine and specialty paper machine.During the past fourty years production and sales, we have owned one excellent R&D department, as well as the good pre-sale service, after-sale technical support and strictly quality control system. Our products has been sold in the most of the China, as well as the foreign country, such as, Vietnam, Mongolia, West Africa, South Africa, Brazil, Uzbekistan, etc.Any questions, please feel free to contact us!